Silke disturbs the team — Panda Story — Episode #10

Ray arrives at the office quite relaxed, despite the annoying situation. It is Friday and he plans to talk to Howard and Ken to find a way together so that the demo for Silke can take place on Monday. On Fridays, the development team always meets for breakfast together. Ray goes to the kitchen to get a coffee, which he takes to the team room with the intention of joining everyone with breakfast. When he arrives in the team room, Ken and Howard are already sitting at the table drinking coffee.

Ken: “Hello Ray, good to see you, how are…

Focus and Sprint Goal — Panda Story — Episode #04

Ray was a little disappointed after the estimation with the team that his desired Product Backlog Items probably couldn’t be achieved in the sprint. In such a case it would be fine for him to extend the sprint to achieve the scope in question. Ray would like to use the break to get a coffee and ask Howard for his opinion about the sprint extension. Howard is also at the coffee machine as he has already suspected that Ray wants to talk to him.

Ray explains to Howard again how important it is that the PBIs are all implemented in…

Review at the trade fair — Panda Story — Episode #12

Silke meets Britta on her way back to the office. They exchange a few words about the fair and Silke lets Britta know that Ray and Ken are coming to the fair as well. This news makes Britta very confident about the presentation at the fair. Meanwhile, Ray and Ken go through the click dummy again to identify any final pitfalls. They, too, are happy to be going to the fair and to be able to exchange ideas with the customers. Howard also joins them.

Howard: “How did the demo with Silke go?”

Ray: “Basically good, I think, we will…

Demo for Silke — Panda Story — Episode #11

After talking to Silke and Britta, Ray is somewhat relieved that Silke does not see the demo on Monday as the actual review, at least that is his hope. He makes his way to the team room of the backend team to discuss the plans for Monday with Ken. To his disappointment, Ken isn’t there when he arrives in the team room, which prompts Ray to have a quick word with Howard.

Ray: “Hey Howard, can I interrupt you for a minute.”

Howard: “Yeah what’s up?”

Ray: “Was Silke just here in the room?”

Howard: “Yes she was. She wanted…

Ray really has to go to the trade fair — Panda Story — Episode #09

The idea presented by Ken is not easy for Ray to bear. He feels that a click-dummy is cheating, there is no real function behind it. Even though Ray is afraid that there will be trouble when Silke or one of the customers at the fair find out, he sees no other way to deliver all the features at least like this because of the current timeline, there are only a few days left until the fair.

Then there is still the problem that Ray has not been invited to the fair. …

The Click Dummy — Panda Story — Episode #08

Ray is not pleased with Silke’s reaction and goes back to his office. He tries again to reach Britta and Howard.

Ray: “Hello Howard, good to reach you, we have to stop the sprint!”

Howard: “Why? Has the sprint goal become obsolete?”

Ray: “No, I don’t know, I don’t care either. I just met Silke, she wants all the features from the poster to the show, we can’t do that.”

Howard: “Well, she’s going to have to live with it that way, the Scrum Guide describes when a sprint can be cancelled, that’s not the case now. …

Its about to escalate — Panda Story — Episode #07

Ray: “I thought your idea about the feature from GER-126 was brilliant. Here is the poster for the show, I think I should have shown it to you sooner. I wasn’t sure if it would be helpful or unsettling.”

Ken: <reads the poster> “The announcement sounds great, marketing did a good job there. Did you guys work on the poster together?”

Ray: “No, unfortunately not, marketing only showed me the final version.”

Ken: “That’s a shame, we should discuss that with Howard at the next retrospective.”

Ray: “I agree, we would have probably achieved a better result when we would…

Why can’t it be easy — Panda Story — Episode #06

The team around Howard, Ray and the developers are working very concentrated to reach the next sprint goal. Meanwhile Britta met with Silke, who told her that the announced features must be ready by the end of the sprint, as they were promised for the trade fair. Silke has great confidence in Britta to achieve her objectives in terms of agile transformation. Ray and Howard are discussing the sprint planning in the hallway when they see Britta coming out of Silke’s office, they wave her by.

Ray: “Hey, how did it go, you don’t look very satisfied?”

Britta: “You’re right…

The trade fair is coming — Panda Story — Episode #05

Ray said during the Sprint Planning that the team must commit to a sprint goal or the scope of the sprint. He looks questioning at the team and at Howard and emphasizes that one of the five Scrum values is “commitment”.

Howard: <nods> “You are right Ray, one of the five Scrum values is commitment. Nevertheless we want and need to be flexible right now.”

Ray: “No, I need these PBIs at the end of the sprint, so that I can be successful … I mean, so that we look successful on the board, we need results …”

Howard: “We…

DoR and Sprint Length — Panda Story — Episode #03

Ray the Product Owner prepares for the planning the next day. He found the feedback he received from stakeholders and the team today valuable. He wants to immediately make good use of it in further product development. He writes two PBIs before the planning to record the ideas he has collected regarding the stakeholders feedback. The definition of Ready, which was previously discussed in the team, is not yet fulfilled. Ray’s goal is to discuss the PBIs with the team during planning so that these PBIs subsequently can be included in the sprint.

Howard couldn’t help but reflect on Britta’s…

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